Stage 1 – Rehearsals

Hoorah! We’ve made it to rehearsals - in truth my favourite part of the film making process.


It’s magical - to a director like me, one who’s always been more excited by acting rather than cameras, it’s where the magic happens. I’ve been lucky to have been afforded two whole weeks of rehearsals. I remember reading a section of a book on the filming process in which the author discounted his before mentioned chapter on how to schedule a 2 week rehearsal block. He said this because not many directors have rehearsal on a feature film at all, let alone two weeks.


In my eyes it’s non-negotiable. Ideally I wanted four but I think on DD two weeks is plenty. Despite the script not being the most emotionally testing for the actors, the boys had me in tears on Friday.


As with any rehearsals they started tentatively. I knew what I wanted from the actors after an (obsessive) 2 months of script analysis. By Thursday they really took a hold on their characters, they became them - and it was marvellous to see. 


Any original nerves about my casting choices, their ability or my ability disintergrated. 


Having gone through the whole script this week they now know their characters emotional pallets. Spending time with Dan Shelton who plays Gaz this weekend running through scenes fills me with so much confidence. 


Towards the end of next week we begin work with the ‘tier two’ characters - those that will only come in for 2-7 days of shooting and interact with the boys. It’s importantall of the actors build a strong bond off-screen. We’ve cast very strongly with these. They’re really the cherry on the cake.


It’s crazy to think we’re only a week away from shooting.


There’s no nerves at all, it’s all excitement now. 



Jack Spring